We love Teacher Oyen! Our son had the opportunity to work with her when he was 4 years old and it was a great experience. She is patient, kind, and compassionate. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better preschool teacher.

Stacy Reed

Oyen is a teacher I will remember for the duration of my son’s school years, and likely compare his new ones to each year. She always had time to listen to my concerns about him whether social, emotional or educational, and offered compassionate advice on how to address these issues. As a rookie to the school system, this was priceless to me. I wish I had another child who could experience the passion and love Oyen has for helping children grow and learn in her classroom.


Oyen was Gabriel’s teacher from the time he was 3 till about 5 yrs old. During that time we came to be good friends. She always was very engaged in our son’s development, always went out of her way to tell us stories about his day and always had a happy and friendly demeanor. She encouraged and supported his curiosity and love of learning. We feel that she gave him a great basis from which to grow for his entire life.

Rossana and Tony Sutherland

We were fortunate to have Teacher Mary as our daughter’s preschool teacher (Pre-K) and it was an absolutely outstanding experience. She’s in a league of her own and I don’t think you meet a teacher like her more than once during your child’s many school years. She is so tuned in with who every unique child in the classroom is. She “sees” everybody and no matter personality of the child, she knows how to navigate and help that child blossom and reach his/her full potential. Mary is extremely knowledgeable, she’s very sharp, patient, a natural with kids and it’s obvious she has a ton of experience. Another thing I appreciated was how available Mary was, always there to answer questions, give updates how things were going, the communication with the teacher is important to me and Mary happily made me feel she was there for us. She truly cares.

Anne von Haartman

Oyen was instrumental in nurturing my son’s curiosity for the world around him, including and beyond the traditional academic learning. From giving him a sense of community with shared responsibilities to encouraging him explore and ask questions. Oyen did it all! We are so grateful to have had her be a part of our lives in our formative years.​

Ruchira D.

We feel so fortunate to have had Teacher Oyen as one of our son’s preschool teachers. Her genuine warmth, coupled with her ability to connect with our son, resulted in a wonderful preschool experience.

Carol and Adam Solomonson

My daughter had severe separation anxiety when she began preschool, and it lasted through the year. Oyen worked with her and together they made a plan, which became the routine. Each day my daughter was greeted with a smile and a sense that she mattered to her teachers. Oyen was aware of each child’s individual needs and personalities; she worked tirelessly to ensure that all children were given the best foundation possible. She is professional, caring, enthusiastic, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with.

Lyndsey Lederer